Church Tour

Please take a virtual tour of our church, facilities, and grounds. 

Directions: At the stoplight on MD Route 12 in the center of Snow Hill, turn south on West Market Street. The church is on the left after two blocks at the intersection of West Market Street and Church Street. 

A striking sight in the church is the stained-glass window crowning the altar.  Dedicated to Henry Lay, the first bishop of the Easton Diocese (1869-1885), it was added in 1891.  The scene portrayed is most likely a presentation of a verse in Acts, Chapter 8.  It tells of St. Peter exercising the "laying on of hands" in confirmation in which the Samaritans receive the Holy Spirit.  In the Episcopal Church, the act of confirmation can only be administered by a bishop. The inscriptions on the left and right panels are in Latin.  A translation by a parishioner is provided below.

Ad Gloriam Magnam Dei, et in Sacram Memoriam Henreci Champlin Lay, +D.D.+

Qui Episcopus Eastonis erat, ab Aprili A.D. MDCCCLXIX ad Mortem Ejus Sep. MDCCCLXXXV

To the Great Glory of God, and in Holy Memory of Henry Champlin Lay, D.D.

            Who was Bishop of Easton from April 1869 AD until      his death, Sept. 1885.