Holy Cross Chapel Renovations Complete!

Post date: Jan 14, 2013 2:15:43 PM

After four months and "Superstorm Sandy" in between, the renovations to the Holy Cross Chapel in Stockton were completed in late December 2012. The refurbished bell and belfry were lifted back into place by a crane, after being restored by Chip Nock, local historic carpenter. The following link is to the Daily Times article about this project, with a nice 4 minute slideshow and interviews with our own Ed Haile and Kathy Fisher.


The shingles on the belfry and the tower skirting and small hyphen roof were replaced with authentic cedar shakes soaked in linseed oil. The ladders inside and the railings around the bell were rebuilt. Next up, removing the large poplar tree which is too close to the church and graves.

The majority of the funds used for this project were from a specific bequest and donations from parishioners, earmarked for Holy Cross Restoration.